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Optimally managing the organic positioning in search engines (SEO) of our website is a challenge.

So today we bring you some important factors to take into account when optimizing our website for search engines. These factors are oriented to Google, but can easily apply to any other search engine.

1. Do not use more than one H1 tag per page

H1 tags are used as the main title for the page or article and usually contain the main keywords. We recommend that you only have one H1 tag per page and that its length does not exceed 60 characters to avoid the title being cut off in Google search results.

2. Write attention-grabbing page titles:

The titles of the pages that you are going to publish should clearly describe the content of the page, include the most important keywords and be interesting enough that our readers want to click it.

3. Make sure you have an eye-catching meta description

A meta description is the text below the title of a page in a search result. We recommend including your target keywords and engaging your audience in less than 155 characters.

4. Take care of your images

We must carefully take care of each image that we are going to upload so that it supports our positioning. Details such as the weight of the image, that they are correctly named, and that you use the ALT tag to describe the image are extremely important details.

5. Pages of more than 500 words

According to Google, good content must have at least 500 words. So it is very important that within our possibilities we achieve that we always manage to have pages and articles with at least 500 words. In any case, we recommend quality over quantity.

6. Reviews add a lot of value

The contents with reviews, comments, and testimonials add a lot of value to Google. Encourage your audience to comment. If you have products on your website, in the same way, motivate your consumers to write reviews. It will help increase the reputation of your website on Google.

7. Speed drastically influences

Your website must be able to load quickly to ensure an experience for any type of consumer. Focus so much on your website being mounted on a good performance hosting as in having a light web.

8. Answer the questions

No matter how much you optimize your website and apply all possible SEO advice. The most important thing is that you have the answers to what our audience is looking for. So let's have a clear focus on adding value with our content and then we think about all the optimization possibilities.

About the Author: Che Ramphis

Founder and CEO of Chezaad, LLC. My passion is to help companies and businesses in any area to improve their digital processes to achieve their goals. I define myself as an inveterate learner.

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