4 Tips to be more productive

Published On: 29 de March de 2021Categories: Productividad

Let's be more productive together.

As a director of Chezaad, a company that is identified by increasingly giving more value to our customers with fewer resources, productivity plays a fundamental role. For this reason I live learning to be more productive every day in order to keep bringing that knowledge to our team. So this time I would like to give you 4 things that I have been doing to be more productive:

1 - Keep a single to-do list:

Although tasks come to us from different sides (Mail, WhatsApp, Calls, etc.) it is very important that we try to bring them all to a single list. Regardless of whether we use pencil and paper, or some super digital tool like Trello, Asana or any other, let's write all the tasks that come to us in a list that is for review, then once a day, we sit down and refine this list taking each revised task to our unique to-do list. Let's try that each task that enters our list, has its delivery time and priority defined. Our head will appreciate it when we are defining which task we will start with.

2 - Plan next week:

Take a time from your current week to plan the next. I normally plan my next week on Fridays. So I can rest all weekend forgetting everything and I am left with the certainty that on Monday when I return I will be aligned with my earrings. Avoid improvising and planning your week in the middle of it. This planning should not be exact as we will see in the next tip #3.

3 - Reserve time blocks:

When planning your week, create blocks of time for each type of activity that you are going to carry out, for example, you can take out of the week a space of time for virtual meetings, another space for face-to-face meetings, a space to read, a space to follow up on delegated tasks, and so on. This will allow you to focus more and plan your week easier.

4 - Automate what you can:

Although here technology gives us the extra miles. I'm not just talking about technology. Just having an assistant remind you of your pending payments could qualify as an automated task for me. So the message I want to convey to you is that we try not to work twice. Whether with technology or without it, we create mechanisms so that our brain can focus on things of greater value and stop dealing with small things that simply blur us.

About the Author: Che Ramphis

Founder and CEO of Chezaad, LLC. My passion is to help companies and businesses in any area to improve their digital processes to achieve their goals. I define myself as an inveterate learner.

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