8 Tips for working remotely

Published On: 1 de April de 2021Categories: Productividad, Trabajo remoto

Working together remotely.

Due to COVID, many of us have had to adapt to remote work, but if we had never experienced it we can realize that it is not as easy as we thought. The reality is that it is neither easier nor more difficult. It is simply a different way of working and therefore may require some adjustments in our routine.

Working remotely undoubtedly has many advantages and disadvantages, but if you manage to manage these disadvantages in the correct way, they will immediately cease to have so much prominence and we can make the most of our new work experience. Here we leave you several recommendations to be more productive when you have to work remotely:

It is just a different way of working.

1 - Make a schedule:

It is extremely important to set a time to start and finish work. Work never ends, so put together a workday in which it makes sense to you and you feel more productive, you don't get anything by spending 15 hours in front of the computer, since your performance will decrease as time progresses. In addition, you will not have quality of life and you will accumulate stress.

2 - Keep your workspace organized:

Your workspace is where you are going to be most of the time and you need to have only what you are going to use in it. Keep it neat and clean. Try not to take anything that does not have to stay in your space, such as do not eat at your desk, since it is very easy to start accumulating food and garbage.

3 - Make sure to over-communicate:

When you are working remotely, nobody usually knows what you are doing and what you are not doing. Make sure you maintain your work status with your colleagues and clients. Do not make the mistake of not saying anything for days or weeks, as it will only give the feeling that you are not working.

4 - Create rules with the people you live with:

Putting simple rules such as do not enter your workspace, do not open the door or do not make noise while you are working would be the most important rules, since they will help you maintain your concentration, but you must make sure to communicate them and discuss them with your family or colleagues.

5 - Use your camera:

When you have virtual meetings, turn on the camera whenever possible. This makes meetings more personal and improves the overall meeting experience.

6 - Do not underestimate the time of a task:

Sometimes we tend to underestimate the time it takes to complete a task or project and end up taking on very large workloads in short periods of time. It will always be better to overestimate the time, delay a delivery date and thus be able to deliver a finished and polished product, instead of delivering something full of errors due to external pressures.

7 - Have time for yourself:

When you find yourself working remotely it is sometimes very difficult to disconnect from work. You have to make time for your hobbies or any non-work related activity. Disconnecting from work will make you come back with more energy and of course have a good performance.

8 - Enjoy the best advantage of remote work (Mobility):

Sometimes we forget to enjoy the best advantage of remote working, which is simply that we can work from anywhere. One day you can go to work from a cafe or you can travel with your family and enjoy a mountain or beach while you work. The only thing you will need is your computer and an internet connection and you will have a world full of possibilities.

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