What no one told us about working from home

Published On: 1 de March de 2021Categories: Trabajo remoto

Even for us, it was quite a challenge.

Before the pandemic, working at home was a dream. You imagined yourself working on the beach, having a delicious coffee in Jarabacoa, or anywhere totally managing our time.

Now that it is a new normal we have realized that this is not very far from reality. At Chezaad we have been a remote 100% company since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, but we always had remote employees and even for us, it was a challenge.

In this article we want to talk to you about things that we now know and were never told:

1. You will still have to have a schedule:

No matter where you are, you are going to have to define a work schedule. Although it is true that we will have more flexibility in some terms, it is very important, since first, you will work with other team members, and secondly for our health. If we don't, we'll find ourselves working late every day.

2. You will easily lose your work / life separation:

Working in the office makes it easy to go home at the end of the day and leave all the stress behind. But when you live and work in the same environment it is very easy to be stuck at work 24/7 and receive all that stress. It can help you if you have a good space to work at home, but even if it will not be easy to separate yourself completely from the home environment.

3. You will have to be more aware and communicated:

Communication is natural when you are in the office, but when you are at a distance communication is less fluid, and there is more possibility of misinterpretation or confusion. Technology helps, but it will never be the same, so literally being aware and communicating all our work is key.

3. You may lose focus:

If you are not honest with yourself about the things that distract you, the amount of time it will take to complete certain tasks, and how you use your time, you could be losing a lot of focus and productivity. In these cases the use of a collaborative task management tool will be essential to stay focused.

In short, working remotely is a challenge, but at the same time it is one of the best ways to work as long as we are aware of its disadvantages and look for a way to reduce its impacts.

If you need support to adopt teleworking in your organization, you can count on our help.

About the Author: Che Ramphis

Founder and CEO of Chezaad, LLC. My passion is to help companies and businesses in any area to improve their digital processes to achieve their goals. I define myself as an inveterate learner.

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