How to keep your remote team motivated?

Published On: 28 de March de 2021Categories: Trabajo remoto

Working together remotely.

Whether in your company you have remotely distributed collaborators, or that you, as the leader of your organization, cannot dedicate enough face-to-face time to your team, you will find this article interesting, since we are going to touch on three keys that will allow us to have our motivated staff even if we are not always with them.

1. Share the company's goals and vision consistently:

Letting our remote collaborators see that their work is a challenge and a fundamental part of the company's achievements is vital to building an extraordinary remote team. Our collaborators must be aware that the projections we have will only be possible with a highly committed team, of which they are part and therefore, their work is a fundamental piece.

It is very important for the motivation of our remote employees that we openly and constantly share our immediate objectives and business vision, since it allows them to build their own vision of the future within our company and see it as an opportunity for them. themselves.

As it is also important that we keep our remote team aware of the advances, news and updates of our objectives so that they feel within the company wherever they are.

2. Implement an agile and intuitive business communication solution

Communication is one of the most important factors in a company with remote workers since a long-distance job only exists if there is communication with the worker and the company, but it is only effective if there is fluid, agile and intuitive communication.

If there is no good internal communication software, it is very easy for remote employees to lose focus and become unmotivated, so it is essential that we implement software for these purposes in our company, in our company we use Bitrix24, since it combines internal communication via chat, video and handling of internal tasks.

3. Plan face-to-face events with our remote staff:

It is very important for any employee to make it part of the company and its growth, but even more so if the employee is not fully physically present, since it is more difficult to be aware of the changes or growth of the company, so it is important to Their physical integration with the team is extremely important, even if it is on specific occasions.

Annual withdrawals are one of the alternatives most used by large companies with many remote employees for the integration of remote teams with physical ones. These meetings are very beneficial since they allow employees to have good experiences in each meeting as a way of motivating them to stay in the company and give the most of themselves every day.

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